For Dash, adventures never seem to end. A new piece published recently states how transactions and active addresses for Dash have gone beyond those of Litecoin[LTC].

According to a comparison on BitInfoCharts, two days ago Litecoin recorded 27.487 k transactions whereas Dash had 31.563 k transactions. Dash is ranked at #15 on coinmarketcap and is currently engaged in competition with the bullish Chainlink.

Dash had over 1,00,000 active addresses against Litecoin for whom the number was just slightly higher than 66,000. During the previous months, there have been instances where a similar jump has happened before.

For Dash, upgrades related to security and decentralization have been paramount. As the currency ventures deep into Venezuela, Nigeria and other nations with a struggling economy, the features have to improve in order to make the process easier and draw-in numerous consumers.

Network hashrate has been much higher when paired against Litecoin in the last few months.

At present, Litecoin is priced at $119.28. The rank is #4 as the total market cap of LTC is $7.459 billion. The trading volume recorded stands at $4.099 billion. The supply has 62,539,091 LTC tokens in play.

ChainLocks are the latest addition in order to fend off the 51% attacks to which many exchanges and currencies have fallen prey to. This has led to a much safer network to scale through when paired against Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The top 100 addresses of Dash dominate 15.6% of the supply, while Litecoin whales account for almost 46% of LTC tokens. Since its inception, Dash has been popular for its different approach towards matters such as manipulating the market.

The price of DASH is $156.95 as marked on coinmarketcap. An increase of 2.84% was felt which led to the price improving. The supply comprises of 8,907,365 DASH tokens. The trading volume recorded is $227.166 million. The total market cap for “Digital Cash” is $1.397 billion.

The massive number of nodes in the Dash network give it a bonus when it comes to investors and those who are looking for ways to transfer money in a smart manner.


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